365 Day Song Challenge: Day 134 – “Calling America”

Day 134: A song by your favorite band/artist whose name begins with “E”.

“Calling America” – Electric Light Orchestra


That’s how “Calling America” starts. In turn, it was the start of my real interest in Electric Light Orchestra, before I bought A New World Record, before I even really knew much about the history of the band, there was “Calling America.”

Although I’d been introduced to “Telephone Line”  by my brother and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” via HBO’s “Video Jukebox” before this, “Calling America” (and its follow-up, “So Serious”) convinced me to buy Balance Of Power in 1986. Continue Reading

365 Day Song Challenge: Day 116 – “Do Ya”

Day 116: Your favorite song beginning with “D”.

“Do Ya” – Electric Light Orchestra

Do YaMy long-term memory is generally pretty good. But, it is unclear to me when I first heard “Do Ya.”

I was aware of “Telephone Line” from A New World Record for many years. And probably “Livin’ Thing,” as well. (Once again, I have my brother to thank for this.) Based on the strength of these two songs, I picked up the CD sometime in college.

And I’m very glad I did. While ELO had more than its share of hits (for those who don’t remember, they were one of the most popular bands of the 70s) this album plays almost like an ad hoc greatest hits album of its own (minus the Bastard Child song). The whole album seems to have, at some point, gotten play on Classic Rock radio. It’s got “Tightrope” and “Rockaria!”

And “Do Ya.” Continue Reading