Day 151: A song that you like but for some reason don’t own.

“Born To Be Wild” – Steppenwolf

Born To Be WildI grew up with Classic Rock. Now, when I was growing up, “Classic Rock” meant stuff from the 60s and 70s. Not stuff like “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” or “It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me” or even worse “Alive.” (It still pains me to hear these songs on “Classic Rock” stations, or worse Oldies stations. But then, I refuse to face the reality of age.)

No, when I was growing up, (in addition to having to use an outhouse, churning our own butter and walking in waist-high snow, uphill, both ways to learn in unheated one-room schoolhouses), “Born To Be Wild” was the epitome of classic rock.

And yet, I don’t own it. Continue Reading