Day 132: A song you like that you learned about from a friend.

“Silent Lucidity” – Queensryche

SIlent LucidityFor as long as I’ve known my friend Ray, he’s been suggesting music to me. Because that’s what friends do, right? You listen to things together and bounce bands off each other and hopefully something new sticks that you can both enjoy.

Over the years, Ray’s success rate for picking songs that I’ll like has been mixed. There are some things he’s (almost) sure I’ll like that I don’t, and conversely I’ve surprised him by liking songs he was sure I wouldn’t. (He was also shocked about me liking The Foo Fighters.) As recently as last week he suggested a few songs to me. Two were from the same band, Beware Of Darkness. The first, “All Who Remain” didn’t do it for me. The second, “Howl” I liked a lot and downloaded immediately. That’s just the way it’s always gone. Continue Reading