Day 21. A song from a band or artist (member(s) alive) would love to see perform in person:

“So What” — P!nk

I’ll admit it: I’ve got a bit of a thing for Pink. (It’s stylized as “P!nk” but I’d prefer not to have spell check screaming at me 300 times in this post, so I’m going with “Pink”.) I think she’s pretty hot, and having seen interviews with her, there’s something very interesting about her beyond her looks. Honestly, though, I’m a little afraid of her. She’s got the bad-ass thing going, and I don’t think it’s a front. I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass.

That said, I genuinely like her music. Well, most of it. I like her music after she took control of her career and started making the music she really want to, instead of being a producer-created R&B singer. That transition happened with her second (and breakout) album Missundaztood, although a couple of songs from her first album are okay.

As for today’s song, it’s pretty much her flipping the bird to her (then ex- or estranged or something) husband and the world. It’s the type of song she does well, and often. (While I respect that she writes pretty much whatever she wants to in her songs, I think if I was her husband, I’d be afraid to say “boo” for fear of a scathing lyrical reprisal heard by millions of fans.)

But the music in and of itself isn’t enough to make me want to go to a live show. There are a lot of artists I really like that I’m in no hurry to see live. Which is where the DVD of her Funhouse tour comes in. Her shows are productions. She can sing. She’s not a product of Autotune. She’s not lip-syncing. She can rock and she can go the route of the “pretty song” too. Have you seen her performance in “Glitter In The Air” from the 2010 Grammys? It’s here. Watch it. See what I’m getting at?

Bottom line: The girl knows how to put on a show.

And I guess that’s why I’d like to see her and not some others. She’s got the extra entertainment factor thing going. If I’m going to shell out $100 for a ticket, it better not be the same experience I’d get listening to the album. I’m beyond the point of going to a concert just to go to a concert. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt (literally).

The downside is that there are a boatload of other people who want to see her, too. Sure, I’ll see Genesis from the back row of a monstrous arena, but I’m not doing that for everyone. I’d want to be pretty close to the front, although three feet from the stage might be too much to ask. (Why so close? She has some, ahem, nice costumes.) So it’s not likely to cost me only $100 a ticket to see her. Plus, her shows sells out at the drop of a hat.

So I don’t know that the likelihood of me seeing Pink anytime soon is very high. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ruling it out. But it doesn’t seem likely.

What’s that? Tickets are on sale? Count me in…

You gotta check this out…