Day 29. A song that describes a friendship:

“You’re A Friend Of Mine” — Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne

Today’s selection may be a bit on the nose. Oh well.

I’ve skied three times in my life. (How’s that for a non-sequitor?) The first time was during the winter of 1985-86. I’m not sure of the exact date, but I am sure of one thing: the whole time I was skiing that day, this song was stuck in my head.

The day goes something like this:

No, the irony of “You’re A Friend Of Mine” being stuck in my head while being virtually abandoned by my friends for the day is not lost on me.

In the end, I forgave them. Let it slide, really, because a) if I was a good skier, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to get held back either and b) it was far too late to go out and find a new crew of friends. (But I did sort of start to drift away from them over the next few years. Maybe this was the reason and I never identified it until now? Food for thought.)

The weird thing is, I didn’t ski for another three years after that (it took me that long to thaw out), but when I did, I still had the song stuck in my head the whole time. That’s a whole other level of wrong.

In the end, I never did really take to skiing. I’m not big on things that cost ridiculous amounts of money over and over again. Skiing. Golf. Things like that. Plus, I have a knee that likes to go out at unpredictable times, so visions of  a mangled knee with my lower leg dangling helplessly—attached to a ski—sort of keep me from trying it again.

And frankly, I never need to be that cold again.