Day 17. A song you remember dancing in public to

“Who Let The Dogs Out” — Baha Men

These challenges seem to fall into two extreme categories: “What the hell do I pick?” and “What the hell do I pick?”

“Huh?” you say? Let me be more specific, they fall into “I can’t think of anything” and “How do I pick just one?”

Today’s challenge falls into the latter class. Most people have danced to any number of songs in their lifetime, even if it was “The Alley Cat” with crazy old Aunt Sally at a wedding back in 1982. (Modify as appropriate for your own life circumstance and crazy Aunt… or Uncle. Everybody has at least one.) How do you narrow it down to a single selection?

I have literally danced to “The Alley Cat” at more than one wedding (although I don’t have an Aunt Sally), as well as the other usual wedding suspects. “Chicken Dance.”“Old Time Rock And Roll.”Love Shack.”You know the ilk. And then there’s my favorite wedding dance: “Shout.” (The version from Animal House.)

I’m not much of the dance club type, but even so, I’ve been to a few. Even at Shelly’s (read yesterday’s post for an introduction to Shelly’s) I did some dancing, although the mix was way eclectic. It included things like AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long,” John Cougar [Mellencamp]’s “Hurts So Good” and “Blue Sky Mine” by Midnight Oil, as well as dance tunes of the period like “Dizzy” and “Wiggle It.”

But I’m going with improbability and stupidity.

I missed the “Who Let The Dogs Out” bandwagon (as I typically do with hit songs, because I don’t listen to the radio). I knew of its existence, but didn’t really know the song. Although, when it was popular, I had a bizarre experience at a Hollywood Video store one night: I was the only customer in the place, and when I went up to the counter, the clerk, who I didn’t know from Adam, looked at my membership card, looked me straight in the eye and said: “Joe, I have only one question for you… Who let the dogs out! Woof woof woof woof woof!”

And yes, he sang it.

Up until my friend Pete’s wedding, that was the extent of my interaction with “Who Let The Dogs Out.” It was at that wedding that I first heard the dance mix of the song, and it immediately struck a chord with me. I’m not one who typically enjoys dancing that much (at least in public), but, for reasons I cannot explain, that one had me out on the floor, dancing like a maniac.

I have not had the opportunity to dance to the song in public since. To the relief of people everywhere. It sort of came and went from the playlist at most places.

And that, my friends, is why iPods were invented.

I really hope there are no secret cameras in my house. Because if that song comes on, I can’t help but start to jump around in whatever room I happen to be in. (This can be dangerous if I happen to be in our small bathroom when it comes on.) Cameras would capture this lunacy and the floodgates of blackmail would come rushing in. All hopes for my political career (if I actually had aspirations for a political career) would be over immediately.

Or would they? Dancing-like-a-maniac-to-Who-Let-The-Dogs-Out Joe has to be a better candidate for… well, anything really, than this guy, right? Right?
Please feel free to use the comments to tell me I’m right. And perhaps to tell me about your crazy Aunt Sally.

God, I hope you say yes.