Day 160: Your favorite song beginning with “H”.

“Heat Of The Moment” – Asia

Heat Of The Moment“Heat Of The Moment” is one of those songs that instantly takes me to a place and time. The time is summer 1982, a time when the summers seemed much longer and much hotter than today. (That probably has something to do with central air conditioning.)

And while I remember the song being everywhere that spring and summer, the specific place that it takes me to is the back of St. Thomas the Apostle school. (Yes, that was year 5 of the twelve I did in Catholic school. I emerged surprisingly unscathed and—perhaps more surprisingly given recent headlines—unmolested.)

Toward the end of every school year we had “Field Day.” The name was a misnomer in that it was actually more than one day and the area where it was held was more of a large, oddly-shaped empty area behind the school rather than an actual field. Continue Reading