helloworldSo here’s my “Hello World” post.

For those that don’t know, “Hello World!” is the default blog post the WordPress sets up when you create your blog. Most normal people delete it.

I am not a normal person.

Now hang on, I’m no psycho lunatic, either; but ask anyone I know, and I’m sure they’ll all verify that I’m a little weird, goofy, warped… Whatever you want to call it.

You’ll have to decide for yourself.

Also for those that don’t know (What? Do you live in a bag?), “Hello World” is also the first program “they” teach you to create in any programming language. That is, you write code so that the program will output “Hello World!” And you’re done. At that point, you’ve created your first complete program. It’s short, concise, and it works. And it makes you want to do more (supposedly). Blogs are kind of the same. You have to start somewhere.


Hello World!

This blog will hopefully be a window into the mind (warped mind—we established that above) of me, Joe Parker. I plan to use this to talk about music (a passion of mine), pet peeves, commentary, and other things that come along. I hope you’ll come along and peek into the window once in a while.

Until then, stay warped.