Day 61. A song that you like to sing in the shower.

“U Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer

U Can't Touch ThisThe issue with today’s post is that I generally don’t sing in the shower. I find that shower time is idea time for me. I tend to think about the things that are going on, and often I’ll get some of my best ideas while I’m thinking about the day, some problem that I’m trying to address, or some other challenge. So there’s usually no time for singing.

But every third Wednesday of the month, if I happen to be in the shower between 8:45 and 8:47 I might get crazy and sing a little something.

Many people might not know this, but I do voices. (I hear them, too, but that’s a whole different blog post.) And I’ve got a pretty good ear for accents. Most of the time, I do them for my own personal entertainment, but I’ve always had visions of doing voice-over work or finding some other creative outlet for them.

Not familiar with a song I’ve mentioned?
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Back in the day, before “U Can’t Touch This” was relegated to irrelevancy and MC Hammer still had money, I created this character (which, in retrospect, would likely be considered racist, even though I never meant it that way) called “MC Hammed.” Basically a guy with an Indian accent who wanted to be a rapper and thought “U Can’t Touch Dis” (sic) would be a great way to break into the business.

It never got very far as a concept (mostly because I could never find something that rhymed with “Vishnu” and, oh yeah, “Mohammed” isn’t really an Indian name). But at the very least I had spent enough time thinking about it that it’s permanently stuck in my head. (Hmm, that could be a good blog name.)

So occasionally, I will break into MC Hammed’s “U Can’t Touch Dis.” And then I might think about how it’s sad that I never really pursued it. I can’t believe I’m about to type this, but maybe I can ride the wave when there’s hoopla on the 25th anniversary of its release… next year.

That’s about it, though. Even if I do sing something in the shower, it’s most likely a one-off. Maybe “3AM” by Matchbox 20. Or a rousing rendition of “I Will Always Love You” (the Dolly Parton version, not the Whitney Houston version) or “Girl You Know It’s True” by Milli Vanilli (but not very often, because frankly, there isn’t enough room in the shower to do the dance justice).

Or not.