Day 31. Your class song (or what you want your class song to be).

“Don’t Forget My Name”

I’m going to assume that by “class song” they mean “prom theme.” Because otherwise, I have no clue what to put here.

I barely remember my Senior Prom. And it has nothing to do with alcohol. It’s more that, much like a wedding, it’s there and then it’s gone. If you don’t actually remind yourself to take it in, it sort of happens in spite of you and it’s all a big blur. I have a few pictures, but given the cameras of the time (remember film?) most of those are even more blurry than my memories. I have one photo that’s so blurry you can’t tell if it’s my friend Kris or George Burns. It wasn’t like it is today where you can take 600 pictures. And video. And instantly post them on social media. And then instantly regret that you posted them on social media because of all the incriminating things you’re doing in said photos and videos.

On second thought, thank God it wasn’t like it is today.

I barely remember our prom theme either. You see, today’s post is a little difficult, because outside of the just-shy-of-500 people who graduated from Cathedral High School in 1989, there probably aren’t too many people who have heard this song.

We were given the “normal” choices. (I seem to remember “Angel” by Aerosmith and “Forever Young” by Rod Stewart being choices. There were others on the list, but damned if I can remember them.) But in a slightly different move, some members of our class wrote and recorded the song that became our prom theme.

There are pros and cons to this.



In this particular case, it’s too bad it wasn’t like it is today. The song would be available as MP3 and probably on iTunes. Which would be pretty cool.

Anyway, as a result of Facebook, I’m in contact with more people from my high school class than I ever would have thought possible even 10 years ago. In fact, there are people I’m in contact with on Facebook that I didn’t even talk to in high school. (I’ll count this as a good thing.)

So there’s hope. I recently got in touch with the composer of the song and asked about a digital copy. He didn’t have one, but he said it had been on his to-do list for some time, and that he would try to get me a copy. So maybe I’ll be able to revisit this post shortly. It’ll be like a little time capsule on the Internet.

Maybe it’ll make it on iTunes yet.